Glass Linocuts @ Glass Artists’ Gallery

I have been invited to realize a number of creations for the Glass Graphics exhibition at the Glebe’s Glass Artists’ Gallery, Australia’s foremost contemporary glass gallery. The exhibition featured artists working in glass who have developed print techniques as a main focus for ideas in their work.

Lemons - Glass Linocut

Lemons – Glass Linocut

Lemons - Linocut graphic

Lemons – Linocut Graphic











The exhibition featured my Glass Linocut creations: casted glass created from the same matrix used to print linocut graphics. The image above on the left shows the glass linocut Lemons, casted using grey transparent glass, and mounted on a Queensland cedar L frame, kindly realised by Gaetano Moschella. The image above on the right shows the graphics version of Lemons, which was printed from the same linocut matrix used to “print” on the glass.

Colourful Lemons - Glass Linocut

Colourful Lemons – Glass Linocut

Colourful Lemons (detail) - Glass Linocut

Colourful Lemons (detail) – Glass Linocut











Each glass piece is matched by a linocut graphic printed on paper (in a limited edition series); both the glass linocut and the linocut graphic are signed.
The glass linocuts were created in a technique I purposely developed for this exhibition and are one of a kind.

The glass linocut Colourful Lemons is a coloured version of the glass piece Lemons. It is also several centimeters smaller than the grey-glass cast, although it was “printed” using the same linocut matrix used to create the larger piece (and the traditional paper graphics). It took me long to develop this “shrinkage” – this technique allows me to reproduce a large linocut into smaller glass pieces. The Colourful Lemons sits into an elegant flame sheoak timber base purposely made by Gaetano (also this timber was sourced from Queensland).

Apples - Glass Linocut

Apples – Glass Linocut

Apples - Linocut graphic

Apples – Linocut Graphic








The Fruit Series - Linocut Graphics

The Fruit Series – Linocut Graphics, printed on paper and framed

Chinese Lantern - Glass Linocut

Chinese Lantern – Glass Linocut

Along with the glass linocuts inserted into the timber bases, I also created some glass linocut tiles or coasters (see the image below). These glass tiles were created with the same technique used for the pieces above, but only using part of the original linocut matrix.

Glass Linocuts Tiles

Glass Linocuts Tiles

Along with my creations, the Glass Graphics exhibition included work of Lee Howes, Jessica Mackney, Wayne Pearson, Lorry Wedding-Marchioro and others. All the Glass Linocut series, along with the matching linocut graphics, are currently exhibited at the Glass Artists’ Gallery in Glebe and are available for sale.